To make us embrace, ten of the most talented tango DJs are not just masters of rhythm, but also trained spies, working covertly through the event. Here’s a brief dossier on each one.

Le Vinil

“Agente especial TDJ 007”  Ignacio “Le Vinil” Cavalieri. A secret agent moonlights as a tango DJ, spinning vinyl in clandestine dance halls. Equipped with gadgets disguised as everyday items, they blend espionage with the rhythms of tango.


“Agente especial TDJ 005” Hüseyin Zarif Özmen. Our contact in Istanbul. He’s a tech genius, chef and experienced sports car driver. His tango dj mixing board? Also a sophisticated hacking device.

La Villana

“Agente especial TDJ 008” Ana La Villana Ávila. An expert in disguise, she’s known to switch his appearance several times in a single night, making her almost impossible to track. She has expertise in manage explosives tandas, her d’arienzos tanda can explote the venue.

Loca Suerte

“Agente especial TDJ 009” Luis Loca Suerte Abellán. A lover of rare and unusual tango tracks, he’s adept at sending coded messages through his song choices and sequences. His nickname is because he has scaped alive in the most difficult tango events and floors always succesful.


“Agente especial TDJ 002” Santiago Charru Buonomo. Contrary to his name, his sets are vibrant and lively. However, his true talent lies in gathering intel silently, without ever being noticed. His signature move? A classic tango leg hook he use to disarm adversaries when danger strikes.


“Agente especial TDJ 003” Gastón Gato Misiti. Having grown up on the streets of Buenos Aires, he’s an expert in escape tactics and has an uncanny ability to navigate through the most challenging terrains. China is now his battle site where he teaches the best dancers and local spies.


“Agente especial TDJ 001” Ariadna La Pocha Zaehnsdorf. A nickname she earned from her playful and mischievous nature as a child, is a master of disguise. One night she might be a silver-haired grand dame, and the next, a fiery red-headed tourist.

El Loco

“Agente especial TDJ 006” Sergios El Loco Tsagkaris. In Athens, where history, myth, and present intertwine, dances on the edge of reality, spinning tales on turntables and unraveling international intrigues with equal fervor.


“Agente especial TDJ 010” Angel Gelos De Paz. The newest member, he’s quickly made a name for himself with his amazing sets. Trained in deciphering body language and ancient languages, he can spot an enemy which wants to dance him a bad tanda from across the ballroom.

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